MBE Safe Value

Protect your valuables during Holiday Season with MBE SafeValue.

The extreme increase in online orders that will take place during the upcoming Holiday Season brings a high amount of parcels to be delivered worldwide at the same time. This means a higher risk of damaged or lost packages for fragile and valuable goods that, in the end, cause a negative impact in terms of costs and reputation for businesses.

MBE SafeValue is the complete solution for shipping your valuables with a professional packing, shipping and coverage service, which protects your products from collection to delivery. With MBE SafeValue you can count on a specific solution to ship and protect your valuables, being safe from any damage or loss.



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MBE. All in one.

With MBE SafeValue you will have:

  • Solutions designed to preserve the integrity of the product;
  • Coverage of the real value of the goods and their shipment;
  • Protection in case of damage or loss of the shipment.


What can you ship with MBE SafeValue? 

Fine wine, fashion products, textiles and leather goods, prototypes, production machinery, hi-tech products, musical instruments and many other valuables, both for your private needs and for your company.

In addition, with MBE SafeValue Art you can count on a specific solution for work of art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles. MBE SafeValue Art covers the value of your works of art in case of loss and, in case of damage it also provides the reimbursement of restoration costs and depreciation of the work

What about Business? MBE SafeValue 4Biz is the solution designed for your business and your tranquillity. All you need for coverage on more frequent and lower value shipments, with protection of the real value of your goods and the cost incurred for the entire shipment.



*MBE SafeValue, MBE SafeValue Art and MBE SafeValue 4Biz are subject to restrictions and limitations. For more information on the three accessible services click here.


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