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Rapid transport in special conditions for us is not a problem

Maciej recently took up work in Rotterdam. He could not get to Poland for Easter as he was very busy. But he managed to surprise his relatives and friends just before it started.

Near the company in which Maciej works, there is a huge flower market. This is where he met a seller who offered exceptional tulips in big pots, each with over a dozen flowers. Their smell was intense and they were incomparably beautiful.

Without thinking too much, Maciej bought four pots – for his parents, grandparents and two sisters. And then he googled ‘transport of flowers’.

At that point he realised that plants, especially those flowering, require transport in specific conditions – in specified temperature and with constant access to air. He contacted several transport companies but none was able to guarantee that flowers will be delivered to four addresses in Poland in a perfect condition. Finally, he recalled MBE.

He called a centre in Łódź whose services he had already used. The manager assured he was going to find the right transporter.

Unusual ideas are our daily issues. We know the global market and we have contacts which allow us to turn practically any order.

In a short time I received a call with quotation, name of the transport company and the time of pick-up. The following day I got calls from my grand-parents, parents and sisters. Everyone was very excited and said he had never seen such flowers’
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