Tire dispatch

Delivery of tyres to the customer's door or directly to vulcanization or service is nowadays one of the most popular services of forwarding companies. Customers using this option save themselves all the inconveniences associated with the carriage of wheels. Moreover, the possibility of remote purchase allows you to choose the best price offer.


How much does it cost to send tyres by courier?

The cost of transporting tyres, rims or whole wheels includes the transport range (domestic or foreign shipment) and the parameters of the item. Before ordering the shipment, we will check the weight of the parts and measure their diameter. Please note that different quotations will be obtained for a single tire, pair or set.


How do I pack my tires for shipping?

To give the tyres a courier service, they must be clean, dry and properly packaged.


There are no uniform regulations on how tyres are packed. The rules of their transport are determined by the regulations in force in the country and by the transport companies' own regulations.
Contact the MBE and see how to prepare your tyres for shipment. Pack them separately, double or as a complete set? Use only tape or will you need film or cardboard box? Or maybe the easiest way to ask for help in preparing your shipment is to ask a courier company employee?


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