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Planning to ship artwork by courier within Poland or internationally? At MBE, we have helped thousands of clients worldwide safely send their artworks. Discover how we can professionally organize your transport.

Art Shipping with a Courier – Is It Possible?

Shipping artwork with a courier is possible, but handling it on your own can be risky. Canvases, paintings, prints, handcrafted items, sculptures, and other high-value objects are particularly susceptible to damage from adverse transport conditions. Improper temperature, humidity, or the presence of other packages can harm even the best-protected items. There's also the risk of loss or theft of the shipment. To avoid assuming excessive responsibility, most courier companies impose restrictions on shipping artworks or refuse to transport them altogether. However, for MBE Centers, nothing is impossible. Below, we outline the options available to ensure the safe shipping of your artwork.

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Art Transport - How to Organize It?

Transporting artwork requires exceptional care and precision. Every step of the transportation process should be meticulously planned to ensure the safety and integrity of the items being transported. MBE (Mail Boxes Etc.) specializes in professional art transport, offering comprehensive services tailored to individual needs. Below, we highlight the key aspects of organizing art transport with MBE’s assistance.

1. Evaluation and Preparation

Before artwork is transported, MBE experts thoroughly assess its condition and specifics to identify any vulnerabilities and recommend appropriate precautions. Preparation also includes securing the artwork in suitable protective materials, such as bubble wrap, specialized packaging, and, for delicate items, transport crates.

2. Choosing the Right Transport

MBE offers a variety of transport options tailored to the specific characteristics of the artwork, depending on the client’s individual needs.

3. Insurance

MBE provides dedicated insurance called MBE Safe Value for transported artworks. This ensures that MBE clients can be confident that their artworks are protected against damage or loss during shipping.

4. Documentation

Every artwork transport handled by MBE is thoroughly documented. We assist in preparing full documentation of the artwork’s condition before transport, as well as all shipping documents, certificates of authenticity, and export/import permits if required. Accurate documentation facilitates the claims process in case of any issues.

5. Professional Service

By working with MBE, clients can be assured that their artworks are in the hands of professionals. The company has a team of experts experienced in art transport, equipped with the knowledge and tools to safely transport even the most delicate and valuable items.

6. Transport Monitoring

MBE uses modern technology to track shipments in real-time. Organizing art transport with MBE ensures the highest quality of service and safety for transported paintings and other artworks. With comprehensive support including evaluation and preparation of the artwork, selection of the appropriate transport method, full insurance, detailed documentation, and advanced monitoring, MBE provides peace of mind and assurance that artworks will arrive at their destination intact. A meticulously organized transport with MBE guarantees safety and satisfaction for both owners and art enthusiasts.

How to Secure Artwork for Transport?

Securing artwork for transport is a crucial step to protect it from damage. Paintings and artworks should be carefully packed in specialized protective materials, such as bubble wrap, foam, or soft fabrics, to minimize the risk of scratches and impacts. Delicate items are often placed in dedicated transport crates designed to their dimensions and specifics. Additionally, using appropriate supports and fillers in packaging helps prevent shifting of the item during transport, enhancing safety. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the artwork during shipping, it is essential to pack it solidly. Do not skimp on the quality and quantity of materials used for packing and securing the item. Minimize, or ideally eliminate, the possibility of the item moving freely within the packaging. Placing appropriate labels – informational and warning tags about delicate contents – will provide additional protection during transport.

MBE Koszalin Center handling and shipping of a painting 

Painting packed and shipped by MBE Koszalin Center


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Packing Paintings and Artworks – Leave It to the Professionals

Packing paintings and artworks requires precision and expertise. Professionals not only have the appropriate protective materials but also the knowledge to correctly secure each piece to avoid damage during transport. By entrusting packing to specialists, you gain confidence that your valuable items will be protected from impacts, moisture, and other potential hazards, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Do you lack the right materials? Short on time, patience, or experience? Contact your nearest MBE Center! Our specialists will professionally pack each item for shipping on your behalf, at a time and place convenient for you. Expert and comprehensive assistance in transporting paintings, sculptures, ceramics, antiques, and other valuable items – only with Mail Boxes Etc. To guarantee the highest quality of service, choose a package that includes not only courier shipping but also professional packing and insurance for your artworks in transit.

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What Types of Artworks Are Most Commonly Transported?

The most commonly transported artworks are paintings, sculptures, photographs, art installations, and antiques. Paintings require special protection to prevent surface damage. Sculptures, especially those made from fragile materials such as marble or ceramics, are transported in specially designed crates. Photographs, often susceptible to moisture and scratches, need appropriate protective packaging. Art installations, due to their complexity and unique structure, require an individualized approach to transport, while antiques, as valuable and delicate items, must be packed with exceptional care to preserve their historical value.

How to Send a Painting Abroad?

Sending a painting abroad differs from domestic shipping in several ways. International transport requires additional security and care to meet customs and regulatory requirements and to ensure safety during the longer journey. The process starts with carefully packing the painting – using high-quality protective materials like bubble wrap and foam, as well as sturdy packaging or transport crates to protect against damage and impacts. Next, it is crucial to choose a professional courier company experienced in art transport that offers tracking services and full insurance. Compared to domestic shipping, international transport also requires additional documentation, such as certificates of authenticity and export permits, to comply with customs regulations.

By working with a company specializing in international transport, such as Mail Boxes Etc., you can be confident that your painting will arrive at its destination in excellent condition, adhering to the highest standards of safety and compliance with regulations. It is worth noting that in the event of damage or loss of artwork during transport, the claims process can be very challenging or even impossible. Additionally, according to the policies of most transport companies, the client is responsible for properly packing and securing the shipped item. When planning to ship artwork, it is advisable to approach a company that specializes in handling such orders. At MBE, we have been supporting our clients for years by packing, insuring, and shipping artworks (sculptures, paintings, ceramics, and more) to any location worldwide.

Art Transport - Insurance

For those aware of the artistic and material value of their items, including private collectors, auction house owners, and antique dealers, MBE offers a special unique insurance service – MBE SafeValue Art, which allows you to insure artworks and other valuable items. In the event of an unfortunate accident and damage to a painting, sculpture, or other artwork during transport, this service helps recover its value or renovation costs.

With this service, you can insure the actual value of the artwork as well as the costs of packaging and courier shipping – from the moment

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