Packaging and packaging materials

If you own a small business or online store and regularly ship orders to customers, you know how important it is that your products arrive at the delivery address safely and on time. Using high-quality, reliable packaging materials is the first step to achieving this goal.

There are some standard packaging materials that every small business simply needs: whether you've just opened a new business or your company is well-established in the market, you need to make sure you have the right packaging and packing materials to successfully ship to customers.


Boxes and cartons

The most popular way to pack packages and shipments is with cardboard boxes of various sizes.

Cardboard boxes, if properly sized for the items being shipped, offer the best protection for the contents of the shipment. If you have products with non-standard shapes or goods that are more susceptible to damage, a cardboard box can effectively protect them for the duration of their journey. Corrugated cardboard boxes are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and even colors that are sure to match your products and your brand image. For our e-commerce clients, we also prepare shipping boxes branded with your store's logo to enhance the customer experience and ensure an exceptional customer experience.

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Envelopes and foil packs

Cardboard courier envelopes or foil packets are ideal for smaller or flat items that are less likely to be damaged in the shipping process. We also use them for shipping documents. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Both envelopes and vials can also be personalized with your logo or other company details.

Depending on the size and variety of products you're shipping, you may need different types of packing materials to match the type of order you're shipping!


Fillers and shock absorbers

In order to ensure that your product arrives at the customer's door in the same condition in which it left your company, you need to make sure that the free spaces are properly filled so that the items placed in the shipment do not move inside during transportation.

Professional fillers protect shipped items that are prone to damage during shipping. Additional filling is ideal for products with unusual shapes or made of delicate materials, such as glass, porcelain, ceramics, etc. Fillers can come in various forms, including bubble wrap, foam, cardboard and others.

Hollow space fillers such as wrapping paper, flips, shredded paper and air cushions are often used to keep products from shifting or shaking during transportation. They can be used in conjunction with additional cushioning or on their own. Regardless of the type of product being shipped, make sure there is very little space left in the box to prevent the product from crushing or shifting during transit

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Packaging tapes and labels

Once you've chosen the right packaging and filling for your shipment, it's time to seal and address the package. The use of high-quality tape and information labels is essential to ensure that the package is effectively delivered, and that its processing in transit is properly matched to its contents (for example, we use special stickers to mark shipments containing glass and fragile materials). Labels are available in many different sizes, shapes and designs, and have many uses. You can place a custom logo label directly on the package to increase brand awareness and recognition.

There are many types of packaging tapes that are specifically designed for sealing cardboard boxes and are available in different sizes and colors. In addition, you can get a tape dispenser to make tape application easier. On request, we also prepare branded tapes, on which we place a personalized design advertising your company's location or services.

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How to make your small business stand out?

Small businesses undoubtedly appreciate each of their customers. A great way to get regular customers and their recommendations is to show them how much importance you place on the quality of your service to them. Here are some tips to help your small business stand out from the competition.

  • Many consumers today are starting to make green decisions when it comes to the companies they buy from. If your brand is in line with these values, you can also show this by introducing eco-friendly packaging materials, such as recycled cardboard boxes or environmentally safe packaging tape..
  • Include a thank you note with each package you send. The customer will appreciate your extra commitment and make the shipment more personal. If possible, also include a small discount for regular customers to encourage them to buy again.
  • Try wrapping the contents of the package with brand-matched tissue paper and seal it with a sticker with your logo on it. This will enhance the experience of unwrapping the order and help you increase brand recognition while showing your commitment to quality customer service.


Looking for customized packaging solutions for your business?

At MBE, we know how important it is to support small businesses, which is why we offer high-quality packaging solutions, fillings and other packaging accessories and materials. We prepare customized graphic designs that we put on cardboard boxes, envelopes, foil packs, and packing tapes. And if packing takes too much time for you - also full service of this process and proper preparation of your items for shipment, using professional packing techniques, combined with quality packing materials and years of experience in handling even the most demanding and non-standard shipments. For online stores, we also offer warehousing and logistics of orders to customers.

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