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Courier shipments and parcel packing in Poland

Sometimes even we find it hard to believe what goods and products are sent by domestic and international shippings. The variety of goods and products packed up and send out to the world is tremendous! That's why we understand that in order to ship important documents, exhibition materials, prototypes, dangerous goods or even bottles of precious alcohol and works of art of high value, you need to have at your side a reliable partner, who has comprehensive experience in the field of courier shipping: a partner who will take care of the appropriate packaging materials, professionally pack the package, guarantee insurance of its contents and prepare for it all the appropriate documentation.

MBE is a team of professionals, offering support and professional services for courier shipments and packing, whether you want to send your goods and documents to the other side of the world or across town! We coordinate every step of your shipping: from preparing the package for shipment, to selecting the right carrier, insuring the package, preparing the necessary documentation, to monitoring its journey.


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With MBE you can ship goods with even the most unusual dimensions, shapes or transportation requirements to nearly any place in the world


Individual courier pick-ups

Do you wish a later pick-up time so you can still be flexible during the day? MBE will make sure that your parcels or letters are collected at a time convenient to you. Of course, it is also up to you to decide where we pick up your parcels or letters from. From home or the office - we will meet you exactly where you need us.


Professional packing before shipping

We also know that high quality packaging is essential, which is why we use the highest quality packing materials. Thanks to our know-how and years of experience we make sure that even the most fragile and delicate items reach their recipients intact. We offer our customers professional parcel and package packing services at the MBE Center, as well as the opportunity to purchase cardboard boxes and other packing materials.

We also have a suitable solution for transport of perishable products - thanks to isothermal packaging, we enable shipment in temperature-controlled conditions. Morover, we carry on the packagin & shippin of products of untypical dimensions or shapes, also on palletsWe protect our clients' shipments thanks to our proprietary MBE SafeValue shipment insurance - a unique insurance service which in case of damage or loss of shipment in transit takes into account not only the value of shipped goods, but also their packaging and transportation costs.


Export and import documentation

Before we send your shipment domestically or internationally we will prepare the appropriate shipping documents and shipping labels. We pay special attention to the preparation of customs documents. For shipments throughout Europe, within and outside the EU, as well as international shipments, MBE take care of shipping documents and advises on customs issues. We know import and export regulations of particular countries like the back of our hand! We offer support in shipment and import of goods on route Poland-UK after BrExit too!

Working with MBE you can forget about problems with export. International import of goods is also part of our daily business. We offer fast and reliable export-import solutions for documents, parcels and palletized shipments sent from and to Poland.




International and domestic courier services in Poland

At Mail Boxes Etc. we care about your shipment, which is why we only work with the best carriers. MBE Centers when sending your shipment domestically and internationally will always select the best shipping service that suits your individual needs. That means taking into account deadlines, type of goods to be shipped, final destination and budget. With MBE's express shipping service, we guarantee fast and safe delivery in Poland, Europe and worldwide.


Specialized shipments

We also take care of shipping of luggage and sports equipment form Poland, so that you can travel comfortably, without burdens, and without paying a penny for extra luggage at the airport. Safe shipping of works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and collectible coins is not a challenge for us - we have completed such orders many times before, sending items of high artistic value to the other side of the world. We also help our clients to shipment of alcoholic beverages, goods requiring transportation at specific temperatures, and valuables such as prototypes, machines, musical instruments, or technology.


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  • MBE Online
  • Opakowania i materiały pakowe
  • Zarządzanie wysyłkami w sposób sprawny i zorganizowany jest podstawą funkcjonowania każdej firmy, niezależnie od rodzaju działalnośc i ilości nadawanych przesyłek. Dlatego tak ważna jest współpraca z partnerem, który udostępnia platformę cyfrową oferującą wszystko czego potrzebujesz w jednym miejscu.

  • Jeśli jesteś właścicielem małej firmy lub sklepu internetowego i regularnie wysyłasz zamówienia do klientów wiesz, jak ważnym jest, aby Twoje produkty dotarły pod adres dostawy bezpiecznie i na czas. Wykorzystanie wysokiej jakości, niezawodnych materiałów opakowaniowych jest pierwszym krokiem do osiągnięcia tego celu.

  • MBE SafeValue
  • BREXIT - everything under control!
  • MBE SafeValue it is an all in one solution for packing, shipping and coverage against loss and in-transit damages.



    Gwarantowana wysyłka do Wielkiej Brytanii także po BREXIcie
    z Mail Boxes Etc. masz wszystko pod kontrolą!

    Okres przejściowy BREXITu dobiegł końca i od 1 stycznia 2021 roku Wielka Brytania nie jest już częścią Unii Celnej UE. Istnieją dodatkowe wymagania i procedury, które muszą być teraz przestrzegane przy wysyłce między Wielką Brytanią a Unią Europejską.

  • Shipping artwork from Poland
  • Luggage and sport equipment shipping
  • You are planning to send works of art by courier in Poland or abroad, but you don't know how to properly pack the shipped item in order to maximally protect it during transport or which carrier to choose in order to shipment reach the recipient in perfect condition and on time? Or maybe you are looking for additional insurance for your artwork? 


    With MBE, we have helped thousands of clients around the world ship artwork safely. With our knowledge, experience, professional packing materials and the packing process itself, as well as our proprietary insurance for artworks, we will professionally arrange your shipment.


    With the MBE Luggage Shipping you can pick up your baggage directly at your destination with ease. Enjoy a weightless journey. With MBE, you travel peacefully!

  • MBE Import
  • Packaging
  • Mail Boxes Etc. is your ideal partner for international imports. We offer fast and reliable solutions for document, parcel and freight import. Take advantage of our competent service - it takes just one phone call and MBE takes care of everything from receipt to customs clearance.


  • Mail Boxes Etc. offers a careful and qualified packaging of your products, also at your location, using carefully selected, quality materials  - so your goods arrive at their destination undamaged

  • 2021 MBE Published Rates Information
  • National shippings
  • Warsaw, December 8th, 2020

    This was an unprecedented 2020, where the lives of many families, businesses and communities around the world have been strongly affected by the Pandemic. There is one certainty you can always rely on: our commitment carried out with expertise, empathy, proactivity, innovation, always placing our customers to the center.

    Now we want to look to the future, hoping that 2021 can bring a recovery and new opportunities.

    We remain by your side to accompany you in your next challenges, providing you with professional solutions that take account of market changes and new requirements.

    In this context, Mail Boxes Etc. (hereinafter "MBE") informs that with effect from January 1st 2021 a revision of the shipping lists will be applied in order to guarantee the high levels of service that distinguish the MBE Network and which are the main reason for which end customers choose MBE entrepreneurs every day as partners for their activities.

    The following are the main changes:

    • The prices of domestic and international services will increase on average by 4,9%
    • Surcharges for additional handling / parcels, large packages, non-stackable pallets, will be applied in a more extensive manner.

    We take this opportunity to thank all the customers who daily choose the MBE Centers as logistics partners, confirming their commitment to continually offer a wider and more evolving range of services which, for example, includes MBE SafeValue, MBE Import and MBE MyLogistics. The MBE portfolio expresses our concrete desire to be closer to our customers, helping them to stay focused on the business and finding tailor-made solutions to support them in their business and personal activities.

    Finally, we remind you that the MBE Centers are managed by independent Entrepreneurs who operate under the MBE brand as a result of a franchise contract. For this reason, not all services and products offered by Mail Boxes Etc. are available at each MBE Point of Sale. Mail Boxes Etc. and MBE are trademarks registered and used by MBE Worldwide S.p.A. (all rights reserved).

  • Ship in Poland with MBE


    Mail Boxes Etc. manages your shipments throughout Italy, whether you need to ship a single package sporadically, whether your shipments are continuous and structured. According to the needs of the times and service level the best express currier that responds to your needs is chosen for you.

  • European shippings
  • Worldwide shippings
  • Mail Boxes Etc. manages your shipments throughout Europe, both to EU countries or not. By shipping documents, envelopes, parcels up to pallets and beyond everything is all handled from the start to the delivery, even any customs procedure.

  • With Mail Boxes Etc. you can get to your documents, objects and products around the World using certified packaging and comply with exports and imports regulations of various states.

  • Priority shipments
  • Pallets shipping
  • Priority shipments from MBE

    Courier priority shipments


    Priority Mail is a special service of Mail Boxes Etc. It ensures your parcel arrives at the address you specify as quickly as possible. Contact us or visit the MBE Centre and your parcel will delight its recipient tomorrow!

    By choosing the priority service you can be sure that your parcel is not waiting for its turn in the carrier's warehouse. Priority courier shipments are delivered first, regardless of the number of orders previously accepted for delivery.

  • If you have the need to ship pallets of merchandise, in Italy or abroad, Mail Boxes Etc. provides you with the Pallets shipping service. Handling of pallets is done by specialist teams in the management of spaces, loading and uloading procedures of warehouses.

  • Isothermal shippings
  • Shipping alcohol from Poland
  • Maintaining the "cold chain" is one of the key points for the transport of perishable products, such as frozen or fresh food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, etc. The people in MBE Centers will be able to suggest the solution that best suits your needs according to the type and quality of the product, the transport temperature, average outdoor temperature and duration of transport.

  • Shipping alcohol requires the right approach. There are at least a few factors to consider when planning to ship wine, vodka, beer or whiskey by courier. Check out how to ship alcohol, taking care of the safety of the shipment itself, but also customs procedures and documentation.

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