Shipment rules for glass

Glass is a material with an extremely fine, brittle structure. Glasses, glasses, dishes, crystals or mirrors are very often broken and lost in completely harmless situations. So how to trust that these perishable objects can well withstand transport and reach the recipient in a completely intact state? The recipe for success is the right way to pack and secure glass.

The transport of glass articles requires special treatment of the package at every stage of its journey. It is therefore extremely important to mark the box properly. Placing a label that says glass or fragile will qualify the shipment as non-standard. This way it will not be sorted by machine but by hand. This will allow it to be handled properly and gently.

How to pack glass

You bought a new coffee service? Have you found a buyer for a valuable crystal vase? Are you moving into a new apartment or house?
If you need a service to transport fragile items, check how to prepare them for shipment so that it is as safe as possible.

You need a cardboard box to pack glass items. It will be the most important barrier against external risk factors - bumping, shock or  creasing.  therefore it is recommended to use the thickest, preferably multilayer cardboard. It is important that the box is new or in very good condition. It is not worth looking for savings in this respect.

Prepare a lot of bubble wrap, newspapers or paper. Tightly wrap each item. There is no exaggeration here with the number of layers - the more cushioning material you use, the better you will protect the glass from damage. Place a large amount of bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. When placing glasses, glasses or plates in a box, use the cushioning material to separate the layers.

After you have put all the items in the package, fill the spaces with foil or paper. Seal the carton with tape. You can also use it to strengthen the edges and corners of the carton.

When you shake the box, you shouldn't hear any noises that indicate that things are moving freely inside or bumping into each other.


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