Registered letter

In the MBE Centers, in addition to the normal registered letter you can send your correspondence with the following Nexive specialist services:

  • Formula Certa ©
  • Recommended Classic
  • Recommended Classic A / R

Formula Certa ©

It is a reliable, efficient, convenient and versatile, suitable both for large and small quantities of mail.

Reliable: you can check the delivery status and receive notification of successful delivery (available for 3 months).

Efficient: the delivery time of 3 working days in addition to acceptance for recipients in the same town of submission; 5 working days in addition to acceptance, for several municipalities. In case of non-compliance with the time, forms of reimbursement are provided.

Convenient: the rates are extremely competitive when compared to other forms of mail trail.

Versatile: Formula Certa is Certified Mail Prescored: thanks to the information we can provide to your printers, you can generate your documents independently, matching barcodes to your recipients. Alternatively, by providing your database, we will carry out the combination bar-code and address, on request, we can also take care of the printing of documents with the Formula Print.

Recommended Classic, Recommended A / R

The traditional system to send registered letters with legal value in safety and flexibility.

MBE can manage the entire process, from the preparation of the documentation, the press, the normalization of the database, down to delivery and management of the postcards A / R.

Registered letter Classic makes sending traditional recommended simpler:

  • check the delivery status online
  • immediate identification of the sender indicated in the notice of delivery
  • returning distinct in print (on request)
  • ability to view the return postcards (online and in paper format, on request)
  • Free return of any returns
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