Not all shipping…especially online shipping…is the same

Here’s why

  • Experts at each MBE Center can answer all questions relating to Packaging & Shipping to ensure that your shipment arrives safely

  • Contact every time with the same team increases workflow efficiency and builds confidence that your shipments are in good hands

  • We have no external call center; you can call, write or visit us and each time you’ll talk to a MBE expert

  • Direct contact, typically through the Solution Manager’s cell phone number, is all you need to turn a crisis into a tailor-made solution

  • When shipping, not everything is allowed; you can rely on our advice for what is permitted and which courier to utilize

  • There is no need for having packing skills or packaging materials on hand (scales, tape and boxes, chips, bubble wrap, labels, etc.): MBE has everything

  • We take care of weighing, measuring (do you know what the volumetric weight is?), storing or preparing your package for shipment

  • Even if your parcel is bulky or heavy, we can always find a suitable transportation solution

  • We can pick up your packages at your address and during time slots some couriers may not be available, but which are more convenient for you

  • Preparing the necessary documentation for international shipments can be quite complicated: we take care of it

  • A correct form designation can make the difference for a parcel in customs; our experience can help reduce delays obtaining authorizations or clearance

  • We provide labels and print your shipment waybills; give your printer a break and invest the time into more important activities

  • Our prices balance destination, transit times and other elements, assuring you the best solution for your needs

  • We track your parcels, from departure to delivery, and supply you with in-transit and delivery notifications

  • If a parcel is stuck, lost or is not deliverable, you do not have to manage the issue, we do it for you

  • Sometimes things can go wrong; when package is damaged, we contact the courier and open a claim on your behalf

  • Customers benefit from their relationships with MBE teams; your sending and invoicing data are securely saved and ready for your next shipment

  • Each courier has different expertise and strengths; our experience with many of them assures you the best choice for your shipments

  • Each courier has some restrictions for certain destinations; our experts know how to get your shipments almost everywhere

  • If you are a company, big or SME, we can consolidate shipments into a single monthly bill, allowing you to save time and achieve cost transparency

Get all this service…standard!

at any MBE Solution Centers

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