Shipping food by courier - is it possible?

Have you been craving a home-made speciality or a foreign delicacy? Take advantage of food delivery by courier and have it shipped to Poland today!

Sending food by courier is no different to transporting any other item, as long as you can comply with rules to ensure its safety.

Can you send food by courier?

The simplest answer to this question is: yes, you can. However, it does not exhaust the issue of transporting food items.

The answer is yes. Due to the perishability and risk of spoilage during transport, carriers apply food transport restrictions. This is necessary to protect remaining parcels from damage - flooding, soiling, odour.


How to send food by courier?

The main conditions for transporting food by courier are the shelf life of the products and how they are packaged.

Shipping fresh food by courier

Try to refrain from shipping items that are likely to spoil. This applies to items that require refrigeration as well as processed foods. For shipping fresh produce, the solution will be isothermal, temperature-controlled shipping.

Shipment by courier of dry products

The so-called "dry" products are easy to send, which means all products that are not harmed by difficult conditions in transport - temperature or humidity. Also tinned food and other articles packed in durable tins should reach the recipient intact. When sending food by courier, airtight packaging is a good option.


Shipping liquids

The transportation of liquids will be slightly more difficult. Glass packaging - jars, bottles - will require protection to prevent breakage and spillage of the contents.

Preparing food for shipment

When sending food by courier, make sure not only that it is properly packed and protected. Remember also to plan the shipment so that the transport lasts as short as possible.

If you have any doubts about whether a particular product can be shipped, please contact your nearest MBE Centre - we will plan for you the best and safest way to ship your food by courier, taking into account your individual needs, requirements and timescales.


Food transportation by courier for business customers

Do you run a shop or restaurant? Do you import food items from another country or continent?

Transporting food in bulk quantities is a good idea to entrust it to a company that is able to ensure optimal transport conditions. Any fruit, vegetable, meat or seafood will need the right temperature, humidity and light to survive the long journey.

Food transportation in bulk can be very costly.  
We at MBE will make sure your food shipment goes smoothly and hassle-free!

With us, you will specifically plan the duration of your food shipment so that the products retain their freshness, taste and aroma. Transport conditions will be tailored to the specifics of the items being transported.
In the case of foreign shipments - import and export of foodstuffs - it is necessary to check the transport conditions of the goods in question (transport permit and quantity limits). Our specialists will solve all problems and doubts concerning regulations and fees in force on the territory of a given country.

Are you importing/exporting food items?

Are you looking to send food to someone close to you?

Whether you're sending food on a one-off basis or looking for a long-term food transport logistics service  - at Mail Boxes we will transport food quickly, efficiently and with the highest safety precautions.



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