Shipping skis - where to start?


Transporting skis

The difficult task of transporting skis or a snowboard has been faced by almost every ski lover. If you do not have a vehicle with adequate cargo space at your disposal, a trip with your own equipment will be a hassle. Moreover, it may involve additional costs. Many carriers require a surcharge for transporting oversized luggage.

Save yourself the trouble and send your skis by courier! Your equipment will be waiting for you on the spot and you will avoid many travel inconveniences. MBE Centers customers travel conveniently - shipping sports equipment and luggage directly to your vacation destination.

Packing ski equipment for shipping

The simplest way to pack your skis would seem to be to use a cover designed for transporting them. However, this may not be enough - a soft bag is prone to tearing or crushing and does not guarantee adequate protection.

To pack your skis in a way that allows them to be transported safely, prepare a sturdy cardboard box. The size should be as close as possible to the dimensions of the item you're packing - this will protect your equipment from damage caused by movement and bumping inside the box. Secure all fragile parts (tips, bindings, ends of poles) with foil or Styrofoam pads.

Place the skis with the bindings facing inward. Fill the space between them with shock-absorbing material such as bubble wrap. Put the skis in a soft case or wrap them in a material that will protect the edges and not scratch the edges. Place your skis in the box. Seal the box tightly with strong tape and place the shipping label in a visible place.


Trouble-free courier shipping of skis

Preparing your ski equipment for courier shipping scares you? Not at all - at MBE, we will properly protect your equipment for transport, and help you choose the most optimal shipping option and reliable carrier. We specialize in shipping custom and oversized items - from packing to delivery to your address. For high value shipments, we also offer proprietary MBE SafeValue insurance.

Contact us for a customized ski courier shipping quote today!

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