A day before the trip, the car was ready for pick up. Michał took it to a car wash and then calmly packed the bags and secured skiing equipment on the roof.

Michał from Zielona Góra was going for a long-awaited vacation in the Dolomites with his wife and three children. Besides skiing, they planned to do some sightseeing in Venice, which is something the oldest daughter really wanted to do. Three days before the trip, Michal was involved in a collision.

The bumper, headlight and a few other parts were damaged. A mechanic recommended to order parts in Germany but each hour of delay put the booked trip at risk. Furthermore, Michał could not take any time off to take care of the repair himself. He contacted the nearest MBE point. An employee assured that all parts will arrive on time.

The next morning, Michał contacted a seller in Germany. A courier collected parts around noon, secured them for transport and clearly marked them with Michał’s name and the registration plate number of his car. In the afternoon, the parts were delivered to the mechanic reminding him that the case is urgent. Michał received text messages confirming collection of the shipment and its delivery to the recipient.

At MBE, you don’t have to explain that standard services will not always do. If you need something urgently we will make sure your issue is resolved.

I was lucky that I did not have to stress about driving a rented car. I could admire Dolomites peacefully and together with my daughter, enjoy the Basilica in Venice.
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