You don't have to rent an office to register your company at a convenient address. You don't need a secretary for someone to handle your correspondence.

Aneta runs a sole proprietorship – she organizes professional training courses for business clients. She takes care of a large part of her business remotely and frequently travels to hold lectures in various cities throughout Poland. In the end, she came to the conclusion that she no longer has to live in Warsaw. She moved to the countryside and closed her office in the capital. It's much cheaper and closer to nature this way. But some problems appeared.

Two large clients that were initially interested, rejected Aneta's services when they got acquainted with the details of her offer. She began to wonder whether it was the address of the company – registered in Mazury – that caused this defeat. Another time, when Aneta was on a long trip, she was sent documents required to participate in a tender. However, since there was no one to receive them, they were returned to the sender. This made things complicated and cost Aneta a lot of nerves.

A solution has appeared on its own. Aneta rented an MBE mailbox and thus was able to register her company under a prestigious address – at Marszałkowska 80 in Warsaw.

The staff is available to receive any mail. If the documents are needed immediately, one of the employees scans them and sends them to Aneta over the Internet. In other cases, the mail is forwarded to Aneta's address in Mazury or to any place where Aneta is currently staying. Additionally, the courier delivers business cards and materials for the participants of the training courses – designed and printed at MBE.

I don't rent an office and don't employ anyone but myself. And yet, my company can operate in two places at the same time. Someone is always waiting at MBE to receive my mail when I'm on the road.
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