Shipping alcohol from Poland

Shipping alcohol requires the right approach. There are at least a few factors to consider when planning to ship wine, vodka, beer or whiskey by courier. Check out how to ship alcohol, taking care of the safety of the shipment itself, but also customs procedures and documentation.



Shipping alcohol from Poland by courier


Want to send alcohol as a gift? Have you been asked to ship a local specialty? Sending a single bottle of alcohol should not be a problem, as long as you take all precautions.


How to pack a bottle of alcohol for courier shipping?

Packing wine or other alcoholic beverage for shipment in the right way is the basis for their safe transportation by courier. A glass bottle is fragile and not very durable, and flooding other shipments in transit can cost dearly, not to mention the disappointment of the recipient, who instead of the expected beverage will receive a shattered glass.

. To avoid an unpleasant situation, pack a bottle of wine or other alcohol using all possible protection - the materials used must well absorb shocks and not let the liquid through. A good tip when packing alcohol for shipment is to wrap it in a towel first. If - unluckily - the bottle breaks, a lot of liquid will soak into it. The next step is to place the liquor in a plastic bag or pouch and seal them tightly. Now it is the turn for cushioning -  bubble wrap is never enough! Tape the protected goods and put them in a cardboard box. Fill it with extra foil or fillers to prevent the bottle from moving during the journey.


Certified packaging materials for shipping alcohol

Preparing alcohol for shipping by courier on your own, however, is not an easy undertaking, let alone an effective one... 
Unquestionably the best protections for bottles of spirits are certified packaging, dedicated to shipping alcohol.
. Wondering where to buy such packages? Find the nearest MBE Centre - we will find the best solution for you.


Transportation of alcohol by courier


Transporting a larger quantity of alcohol requires proper logistics. Moreover, you should remember that transport of alcoholic beverages abroad is associated with certain restrictions. Each country has its own regulations governing the amount of customs fees and the amount of alcohol allowed to be transported.
. To save yourself time, uncertainty or unexpected shipping situations - it's worth contacting your nearest Mail Boxes Etc Centre.

Secure alcohol shipping by courier

By entrusting the handling of alcohol shipments to the MBE Center, you can be sure that your courier shipment of wine or other liquor will arrive safely at the recipient, even at the other end of the world.
Mail Boxes Etc. will give you what you are looking for - shipping alcohol by courier with the utmost care for professional packing using certified packing materials, choosing a reliable carrier and appropriate shipping documentation required for alcoholic beverage shipments.

We will safely and securely deliver any quantity of alcohol to the indicated address - in case of heavier cargo we will carry the goods on pallets.

If you export or import wine, whisky, vodka or beer, MBE specialists will inform you about transport conditions, fees and regulations applicable in a given country. We will take care of every stage of your order - from preparing the goods for transport to delivering them to the recipient's hands

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