Shipping artwork from Poland

You are planning to send works of art by courier in Poland or abroad, but you don't know how to properly pack the shipped item in order to maximally protect it during transport or which carrier to choose in order to shipment reach the recipient in perfect condition and on time? Or maybe you are looking for additional insurance for your artwork? 


With MBE, we have helped thousands of clients around the world ship artwork safely. With our knowledge, experience, professional packing materials and the packing process itself, as well as our proprietary insurance for artworks, we will professionally arrange your shipment.

Shipping artworks from Poland by courier

Shipping artwork is possible, but arranged on your own can be risky. Canvases, handicrafts, sculptures and other high-value items are extremely susceptible to adverse shipping conditions. Inappropriate temperature, humidity, or presence of other parcels can damage or destroy even the best-secured item. The likelihood of a shipment being lost or stolen is also a threat.

Not wanting to take on too much responsibility, most courier companies apply restrictions to art shipments, or refuse to transport them altogether.
However, for the MBE crew, the impossible does not exist. Below, we suggest what options you can take advantage of to safely ship your artwork.


Safe shipping of artwork

In case of damage or destruction of a work of art during transport, the complaint procedure may be very difficult or even impossible. Moreover, according to the rules of most shipping companies it is the customer who is responsible for adequate packing and securing the shipped object.


Packing a work of art for shipment by courier

Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the artwork in transit, you should pack it for shipping in a sturdy manner. Don't skimp on the quality and quantity of materials used to pack and secure the item being shipped. Minimize or preferably eliminate the possibility of the item moving freely within the package.  Placing appropriate markings - informational and warning labels for shipping fragile items - will further protect the artwork in transit.

How do you do this? Help!

Don't have the right materials? Do you lack time, patience and experience?

Contact your nearest MBE Centre! Our specialist will professionally pack each item for shipment for you, at a time and place convenient for you. Professional and comprehensive assistance in transporting works of art and other valuable items - only with Mail Boxes Etc.

To be guaranteed the highest quality  service  choose a package that includes not only shipping, but also packing and insurance of artworks.



Art insurance in transit

For all those who are aware of the artistic and material value of the item they are shipping, private collectors, auction house owners and antique stores at MBE, we have prepared a special, unique insurance service - MBE SafeValue Art to insure works of art and other valuable items.
This service insures the actual value of the artwork as well as the cost of packing and courier shipment -from preparation of the goods to delivery to the address indicated. Look at the offer and terms of insurance and never worry about the safety of artwork in transit again!

Service is subject to conditions and limitations. Contact your MBE Center for more details


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