Shipping personal items by courier

Sending personal items by courier is a special service. Shipping items of high sentimental value by courier is a major challenge for both the sender and the carrier. Personal items of exceptional emotional value most often cannot be objectively valued or repurchased, making the risk of such transport very high. 


 Shipping personal belongings by courier 

At Mail Boxes Etc. we understand the need for secure shipping of personal belongings, so we have come up with an exclusive solution for our customers to help arrange such transportation.


Secure shipping of personal belongings? It is possible!


If you want to ship a personal and unique item, use the services of the nearest Mail Boxes Etc. Our experts go to great lengths every day to ensure that bags arrive efficiently and safely to their recipients. We take care of proper preparation of items for shipment, packing them with professional materials, selected according to their characteristics. 


Sending something extremely fragile or undersized? Such tasks we like the most!


Our specialists will pack and secure for shipment any item requiring special handling. Order shipping service with packing and take a breath - proper precautions and proper labeling of the package will guarantee the highest care for the safety of valuable personal belongings in transit. We also arrange shipping of items with unusual shapes or large dimensions using pallets.



We protect what is unique!


We, at MBE, know that items that evoke beautiful memories, stories and emotions are one and only, and their objective value often has no sentimental value. That is why we have prepared a special protection programme for valuables - MBE Safe Value*. With our proprietary insurance, you are guaranteed reimbursement of costs in the event of loss or damage in transit, including those incurred in packing the shipment and shipping by courier.

*service is subject to conditions and restrictions

Find your nearest MBE Center and ask about terms and conditions for shipping personal items and a quote for MBE SafeValue insurance.
Our service points are located in Lublin, Rzeszow, Cracow, Wroclaw, Warsaw and many other intermediate cities. Use our MBE outlet finder or call us and take advantage of secure shipping of personal items and valuables today.


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