Is it a rule that the carrier has to pick up the package directly from the customer? He may go to any address on his own and secure the package for transport.

Tomasz has been working very hard for weeks. He knew that if the offer prepared by him was successful, his boss would send him to Rome in order to establish further details of cooperation. The local contractor is famous for his hospitality. During a previous visit, after the negotiations ended, the director of Tomasz was invited to go on a sightseeing tour around Rome. Next day he went on a concert and was served hearty dinner.

Being excited about his trip Tomasz ordered a beige, Italian-style coat at the tailor. It looked great. But the day before his departure to Rome Tomasz made a black coffee stain on it. No dry-cleaner’s in the area guaranteed to have it done on time. And Tomasz had to also work a little on the presentation for the contractor!

Tomasz called MBE. When he was on the plane, the carrier picked up a coat from the dry-cleaner’s and secured it for transport. Tomasz practiced his presentation in his hotel room when he received a text message informing him that the shipment was on its way to Rome. Next day at noon he was wearing his favourite coat and going to a meeting.

Are you in a hurry? Do you need somebody to go somewhere for you? No problem, we specialize in such situations. Our priority is your comfort and goal realization.

My old black coat doesn’t suit Rome at all. Someone may say I am silly but I know how important the first impression is. Anyway, later I felt great walking around Rome wearing my beige coat.
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