There are situations when the first class shipping is not enough. Then we act outside-the-box.

The Lower Silesia medical equipment distributor received an important order from the Ukraine. Specialist surgical tools were necessary for performing operations on the children who had been injured as a result of military actions.

The delivery time was more than urgent. Meanwhile the seller of the medical equipment was facing not only the challenge of putting together and securing the order, but also the preparation of the documents for the customs clearance. There was one other problem, namely, it was difficult to predict how long one would have to wait at the border.

The courier company which was addressed with this issue was not able to offer any solution except for standard services, which were insufficient. Therefore, the distributor of surgical tools came to Mail Boxes Etc. service point in Wroclaw.

The team got involved in this matter but still, they were unable to find a courier company which would manage to complete the order on time. The problem was the customs clearance. Similarly, the airmail did not offer any guarantees that the tools would arrive the following day. A non-standard solution was necessary.

The owner of the service point suggested that someone from the Ukrainian side could cross the border and collect the parcel in Poland. MBE’s employees organized the transport to Przemysl, and the managing staff of the local courier service there obliged to attend to the matter with the utmost care. When the recipient from the Ukraine arrived, he was given the parcel with the appropriate documents.

30 after the tools had been sent, they were collected at the hospital in Kiev. It was possible to begin the operation.

We know that apart from important matters, there also the most important ones. At MBE we will do our best to shorten the waiting time to the maximum.

That delivery of our tools was a matter of honour for us. After all, it was something more than business.
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