Shipping a baby carriage

Putting together a baby layette, also choosing the right stroller is one of the most enjoyable aspects of parenting.
However, it soon turns out that most of the stuff becomes superfluous...

The deep gondola baby carriage is used quite briefly. After just a few months you switch to the walking version. And as the toddler grows and becomes more active, parents buy another stroller, this time lighter, more handy and with an easier folding system.

If you don't have a need or enough space to store your trolley, selling it will be great. Thanks to the services of courier companies you don't have to look for a buyer locally - put an ad online and sell the trolley regardless of the distance that divides both addresses.

How to pack a baby stroller for shipping?

Sending a baby stroller by courier will not cause any difficulties as long as it is properly packed. Both the pram and the gondola stroller would be best transported in its original packaging. However, if you no longer have a factory box - prepare another one that is suitable in terms of size and strength. 

Before packing the trolley for shipping, remove the dirt from it. Then dismantle all moving and protruding parts and attached accessories. Wrap each part of the trolley with safety film and put everything in the carton. To reduce shocks and movement of the trolley during transportation, fill the voids in the box with film, special filler or paper. Seal the carton with tape. You can also use it to strengthen the edges and corners of the box. If you don't feel up to it or you don't have the right packaging materials - leave it to us!

Professional and safe shipping of a baby carriage

You can count on our assistance in preparing the goods for shipment, choosing the right carrier or even insuring the goods being sent (and shipping costs!).
Packing a shipping cart costs you too much time and effort? MBE employee will take care of it for you!  Visit the nearest MBE point or call us - we will select a service according to your needs.


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At MBE we deal with shipments in a comprehensive way - from preparing and packing goods for shipment, through choosing the right carrier, insurance, to monitoring the status of the shipment and signature of receipt by a satisfied recipient!

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