No- one has got a satisfying offer? We will handle it ourselves.

In a bottling plant near Olsztyn there was a failure of one the main machines. It was necessary to import spare parts. The manager called the producer from Germany, asking him to deal with the matter as a priority. A longer stoppage would involve a risk of losing clients for the bottling plant.

The producer prepared the necessary parts, but none of the courier companies was able to offer an express delivery to Olsztyn. Finally, the parcel was handed over to MBE in Limburg-Staffel.

The manager of the Limburg-Staffel store called MBE in Warsaw and an unusual plan of action was arranged. The following day, at 10:25 the courier delivered the commodity to Warsaw. The owner of the Warsaw MBE store got in the car immediately and set off to the bottling plant which was 200 km away. At 1: 20 p.m. the parcel was delivered.

Courier companies are not always flexible. If no-one provides a good offer, one has to create it on their own. Sometimes it is enough to drive several hundred kilometres and personally supervise that there is no stoppage. Just because something is not included in the price list, it does not mean that it cannot be done.

We did not believe anymore that it would work. However, at MBE they made arrangements with each other and said that the matter had been handled. The following day the bottling plant manager called to thank us.
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