Sending a bicycle is a real challenge - the bike must be properly secured, the transport documentation must be taken care of and a suitable carrier must be selected. Contact us, we have been carrying out such orders for years. Choose your comfort and safety of your vehicle.


Shipping a bike?

Commercial services

Online like shops offer wide range of bike and accessories - it is obvious that this would not be possible without the help of professional carriers.

After a successful transaction, the seller must make every effort to ensure that the equipment reaches the customer in perfect condition. From the seller's point of view, a successful delivery of a bicycle, bicycle parts or accessories equals the avoidance of a return or complaint.

If you are selling bicycles online, it is necessary to think about permanent cooperation with a professional shipping and logistic company. MBE offers an individual approach to each customer and responds to all your needs. By concluding a contract for shipping services you receive a guarantee of the most favourable conditions and costs of your deliveries, the possibility to insure your shipments and the priority treatment of your orders.


One-time (occasional) bike shipping

Sending a bicycle by courier is a great and economical solution for those who have managed to buy their dream model of a child's, mountain or city bike occasionally at an auction or from an ad.  A wide shipping area allows you to shop regardless of the distance from the seller and the purchased equipment will reach the indicated address safely and quickly, with the right logistic partner.

You've planned a bicycle trip? Do you wonder how to reach the sea area, the mountains or another country with your bike? Unfortunately, transporting a bicycle by train or plane is cumbersome and can also be very expensive. Use the services of MBE -  your bike will be waiting for you at the destination point.

No matter if you need one-time transport or permanent cooperation in the delivery of bicycles and bicycle parts - MBE will organise the delivery in a professional and safe way.



How do you prepare your bike for shipping?

You gotta send your bike by courier? Remember that in most courier companies, the sender is responsible for the proper preparation, packing and securing of transported equipment. But be calm - if you follow a few simple instructions, the chances are that your bike will not suffer any damage during the journey will be very high.


Packing your bike in a few steps

  • To protect all components, the bike should be clean. Remove dirt and sand from the frame, handlebar, wheels, tyres and mudguards. Clean also all smaller components - gears, derailleur, brake cables.
  • Dismount accessories and all protruding parts. The steering wheel, pedals, lighting, handles and saddle can be transported in the same carton as the bike, but must be secured (e.g. wrapped in w  bubble wrap) and placed in a separate box.
  • Twist one or both wheels and secure them with foil. Do the same with the bike frame.
  • If all the parts of your bike are already properly secured, put them in a box. Don't forget to pack smaller parts and accessories! Wrap the parts tightly with foil or adhesive tape to avoid bumping each other during transport. Fill the free spaces with bubble wrap or other material that will cushion shocks and prevent things from moving while driving.
  • The carton is sealed thoroughly with a strong adhesive tape. Use it also to reinforce the edges and corners of the package.

You don't have the necessary materials or tools? Or maybe you lack experience, patience and free time?

Leave it to us! The MBE specialists will pack and secure the bike to be shipped for you - after all, we have been doing this for our customers for years.


Locate the nearest MBE Center


Contact your nearest MBE Center and find out that shipping your bike really can be smooth. We'll pack and ship both your bike and other customized and oversized items. Your package will arrive quickly and intact at the address indicated.

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